Want to feel and look great, but still enjoy eating amazing food and not feel deprived?

Curious about eating more of a plant based diet, but not sure how to make changes for yourself and your family?

Food intolerances making life difficult for you?

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Whole food eating for a healthy life.

Mother Nature is a wonderful provider. There is a multitude of food for us to choose from, packed with the nutrients we need to survive and flourish on our beautiful plant earth.  But modern consumerism has led us away from natural, whole foods; processed food full of adulterated fats and concentrated sugars now reign. 

Increasingly, research links chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer to modern diets. Its time to make a change; time spent in The Sensitive Foodie Kitchen can help show you how.

​A diet packed full of vegetables, fruits, pulses, nuts, seeds, whole grains and cereals not only provides all the nutrition and vitality you require to stay fit and healthy, but is so packed full of taste and variety you will be constantly amazed at how diverse and interesting your meals can be.
A whole food, plant based diet is great for the environment too.

How to learn more...

There's lots of ways you can learn in The Sensitive Foodie Kitchen - cooking demos, workshops, courses and even one to one sessions. 

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    Plant food?

Welcome.  My name is Karen Lee, and I love food, but unfortunately not all food loves me. Discovering that my persistent migraines were due to a sensitivity to dairy and yeast was a major turning point in my life. ...

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